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When to bring my child in for their first appointment?

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | November 1st, 2013

When to bring my child in for their first appointment?

At Seymour Dental we recommend bringing in your child for their first check up appointment as early as 2 years old. We like to make every child that comes in to have a comfortable and pleasant experience! We have a large playroom with toys, videogames, and books! Alot of parents come in to get their treatment and bring their children with them. They get comfortable with being in the dental office and playing in the playroom and are curious to see what mom and dad are up to! They find out its really not as scary as they think!

This was the case for C and J on Friday October 18th/13 when they come in for their first visit. C and J first started off in the playroom while dad was getting his teeth cleaned and both were hesitant to come in at first. Dr. Lee came into the play room to introduce himself and showed them how much fun dad was having. C and J were pretty excited when they saw dad watching cartoons on the ceiling and wanted to watch too! C and J both came into the room to get their frist checkup together, and liked how they got to try on Dr. Lee's "Laser Sunglasses". Dr. Lee got to count their teeth (he even has names for each tooth that some of the regulars even remember!) Dr. Lee got to do a full checkup and even a "show and tell" on how to properly take care of C and J's teeth.

Overall it was a great first time experience for the both of them and were looking forward to seeing them for their next checkup and cleaning appointment!

Dr.Lee and kids
kids on couch
kids close up
C and J enjoyed their visit so much the first time around they even passed up going to visit grandma so they could come with their dad to get his filings done!