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North Vancouver Dentist Connective Tissue Grafts

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | November 1st, 2013

Connective Tissue Grafts and who is a candidate for one!

Do you know of someone who has had a connective tissue graft or were you recommended to get one yourself? Don't worry as a connective tissue graft is definitely not as bad as it sounds! A connective tissue graft is recommended for patients who have areas of recession. Recession is when the gum has receeded towards the root of the tooth. When people have recession or root exposure they sometimes have feelings of sensitivity in that area.

Recession can be caused overtime by aggressive back and forth scrubbing from a tooth brush, age or genetics. Leaving recession for too long can result in bone loss and even loss of the tooth! When Dr. Lee performs the connective tissue graft procedure he will make a small conservative incision on the roof of the mouth also known as the palate. When Dr. Lee makes this incision he will make a flap so he has access to the sub epithelial connective tissue. Once this tissue has been removed, Dr. Lee will carefully stitch the area back up and apply an adhesive called Perioacryle. This adhesive will keep the tissue secure. Dr. Lee then takes this tissue and applies it to the root exposed tooth or teeth. Dr. Lee has done up to three teeth in one appointment.

Once Dr. Lee has the tissue positioned where he wants it he then places the Perioacryle on this area as well to secure and protect the new tissue. Once the procedure is finished each patient is given Chlorhexidine rinse to help with healing and specific post-operative instructions. Upon returning for their post-operative appointment patients explain they have experienced little to know pain during and after the procedure. Dr. Lee has before and after pictures on the website of the amazing results he has achieved!

Dr. Lee has had years of experience with connective tissue grafts and belongs to a specialty ongoing study group so he is up to date on the latest and newest techniques available.

On October 29th, 2013 a long time patient of Dr. Lee's had her first connective tissue graft done. M had been avoiding getting a connective tissue graft even though it was recommended by Dr. Lee because of being a bit nervous of the procedure. M finally got the courage to book her appointment knowing she and her family have always been in good hands at Seymour Dental. When M came in for her appointment she was a bit nervous. The staff at Seymour Dental insured her visit was comfortable and worked in a smooth and efficient manner making M more at ease and relaxed. During the procedure M was able to watch TV and listen to music and at one point almost looked like she had fallen asleep.

Her connective tissue graft was a great success. Dr. Lee's experience made the procedure painless and he efficient with so far great results! We look forwards to seeing M's final results once the area has fully healed.

If you have any questions about connective tissue grafts please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have!