Dental Procedure - Osseous (Bone) Surgery

September 30th, 2011
A female patient in her 50's (E.G) had osseous (bone) surgery performed on her molars by Dr. Lee recently to help regenerate lost bone from bone disease.

With his innovative technique and state of the art materials, Dr. Lee is performing more of these surgeries each month to help patients have better bone and gum support for a healthier, more youthful smile!
A female pt in her 50's (E.G ...

Lava Zirconian (porcelain) Crowns Available in North Vancouver

September 27th, 2011
Dr. Lee has completed a number of full mouth reconstruction cases that have left our patients very pleased with their new white smile using the lava zirconian (porcelain) crowns.

Afraid of The Dentist? Don't Be.

September 14th, 2011
Recently Dr. Lee has seen 2 young men (BK and DA) in their 20's at separate appointments who both had not seen a dentist in along time. For BK it was 5 years and for DA it was ten years. Both were dental phobics who were very nervous about dentistry being done and both had badly broken down and decayed molars.

These young men had endured pain for years due to their fears of seeking treatm ...

Aching Teeth? Maybe You Need a Bite Adjustment!

September 9th, 2011
G.M. was relieved that Dr. Lee was able to do a bite adjustment to relieve his aching teeth. After coming to us from another office that had cemented crowns for him, Dr. Lee was able to save this patient money and time by performing a careful occlusal equilibration which balanced his biting forces and prevented the replacement of these bulbous crowns by reshaping his characteristed cusps.