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North Vancouver Dental Hygiene Appointments

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | November 5th, 2013

What to expect during my dental hygiene appointment!

Caitlin cleaning teeth

During your hygiene appointment at Seymour Dental you will spend your appointment with one of our experienced and caring Dental Hygienists Caitlin or Nina.

At your appointment the dental hygienist will be able to assess your gums and ensure that your teeth and gums can remain healthy and plaque free. Once the hygienist has assessed the current state of your teeth they will be able to teach you proper oral care instructions and recommendations based on your oral needs.

We have many appliances that can aid in taking care of your teeth and gums that are hygienist recommended such as the Oral B electric toothbrush and the WaterPik. The great benefit about buying either of these products from Seymour Dental is that the hygienist can show you how to properly use the electric toothbrush or waterpik and give instructions on areas where you may be missing and need to focus on more.

When going to a store to buy dental appliances you may not have the proper knowledge in how to use the product and if its even the right choice for your gums and teeth. We even offer a one year warrentee on our products so if anything happens to your electric toothbrush or waterpik just bring it back to our office and we will gladly give you a new one. There is no hassle of mailing the product back to the manufacturer. We take care of all of that for you!

Once your gums are assessed the hygienist will then start their cleaning! The hygienist will either hand scale, or use the ultrasonic scaler to clean away those hard deposits left on your teeth known as calculus. Once your teeth have all those hard deposits removed the hygienist will then polish your teeth and remove any stains from the teeth. This will creat a nice smooth surface when your run your tongue across your teeth! The hygienist will then periochart. When you hear the hygienist call out certain numbers these numbers are refering to the measurements of your gum pockets. Numbers from 1-3 are healthy gum pockets and from 4 and up is concerning and a periodontal issue may be involved. A fluoride treatment is then recommended.

We apply the 1 minute gel to an upper and lower tray and place it in the mouth. This will insure your teeth get bathed in all the nutrients and vitamins your teeth may be lacking. Finally your dental hygienist based on your oral care will suggest a appropriate time for you to come back for cleanings. We usually suggest every 6 months for your next hygiene appointment, but depending if you have gum disease or chronic conditions such as diabeties we recommend more visits as a preventative.

Give us a call to book your dental hygiene appointment!