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Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | August 21st, 2018

Smoking has some serious consequences on your oral health as well as your overall health.
Sometimes smokers get annoyed with people telling them over and over to quit...
Its important for people to know the effects smoking can have on their body and the people around them...

In BC there are resources such as the BC Smoking Cessation Program!

At Seymour Dental we are big on encouraging and supporting people to help them quit! We show patients the effects it has had on their teeth and gums and even tho some damge may be permanent... there is also a lot of damage that can be reversible just with quiting alone!

We have had some great success stories of patients who have quit, and have thanked us for keeping on them about the effects it can have on their overall health! We definitely recommend the Smoking Cessation Program here at Seymour Dental

If you know anyone who wants to quit or if you are a smoker that would like to quit click on the link below!


Were always here to listen and help! If you are having concerns with your teeth or gums from smoking come in for a free consultation.
We can see how we can improve your oral health as well as overall health

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