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Mouth Guards, Bruxing Guards Protect your teeth!

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | December 11th, 2014

Protect the most important asset of your mouth your teeth!!
Mouth Guards, Bruxing Guards

Do you have pain in your jaw when waking up? Do you find your always grinding or clenching your teeth when your under stress or playing sports? Bruxing also known as grinding is a condition that can result from any of these.

Over time bruxing can damage the teth or cause jaw or facial pain, wears down the tooth enamel, cchip teeth, increases sensitivity, and can even break fillings or other dental work.

 Its important to go to your dentist and get a proper one made that forms perfectly to your teeth.

At your appointment Dr. Lee will check your teeth determine if you ar a canidate for a bruxing guard and if your are we will go ahead and take an impresion of your teeth. The lab then fabricates your bruxing guard using a soft plasic material that will form exacly to your teeth. At your next appointment Dr. Lee will adjust the bruxing guard further based on your occlusion (the way you bite down) and on comfort.

Bruxing guards and mouth guards take some time to get use to but you can always come back to see us to get the guard adjusted further.

If you have any questions about mouth guards/ bruxing guards you can give us a call at the office at 604-924-8289

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