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New Patient Periodontal Disease North Vancouver, Deep Cove, Parkgate Dentist

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | May 28th, 2015

New Patients Welcome !!!!

A new patient (BG) came to our office concerned with a tooth that has been bothering her. She explained that it was loose and painful to the touch. We took an xray to be able to see the surrouding bone and health of the root of the tooth. The xray showed that there was a large perio defect on the supporting bone on one side of the tooth, this was why the tooth was mobile. Dr. Lee did an exam and saw that (BG) has peridontal disease and it has affected this tooth to the point where it can no longer be saved. Periodontal disease is when the tooth, supporting tissue and gum are damaged and can cause the teeth to be mobile and lost. Dr. Lee probed in the area and the measurements were very deep in one area meaning that the supporting tissue was not attached to the tooth anymore. When he was probing he noticed that pus was coming out as well. Dr. Lee explained the importance of removing the tooth now instead of later so the infection doesnt spread to other surrounding teeth and the gum and bone can heal up.  (BG) said she had been seeing a periodontist to help keep  her condition under control. Dr. Lee always tries his best to save teeth, but under certain circumstances expecially when the problem has been going on for a long time without treatment he needs to think about what will be best for the patient long term. A root canal is usually recommended but in these later stages with the supporting bone and the mobility of the tooth it was to late for the tooth to be saved.
(BG) is a new patient to the area and explained that she was quite nervous. Dr. Lee always is always concerned with making the appointment as comfortable for the patient as possible and offered sedation, he explained that since the tooth was already so mobile it would be a very simple extraction. (BG) went ahead with the extraction without the sedation. Dr. Lee froze the patient with his painless needle technique and tested the tooth to make sure she was frozen before we started the extraction. The extraction took less that five minutes. Once the tooth was removed Dr. Lee curetted the socket and found two cysts. Whenever we find cyst we immediately send them away for a biopsy to be tested. Dr. Lee always takes extra measures to insure he can do whaterver he can to make sure nothing goes missed. Once the area had been curetted he applied a antibiotic inside the socket to help with the healing and sutured the area up to make sure the antibiotic stays in the socket.

Overall (BG) was happy with the procedure and was happy she did end up getting it done today.
Alot of patients prolong treatment because they are nervous and do not know what to expect. When treatment is prolonged it can cause for more serious problems. Dr. Lee will do what he can to make sure you are at ease during your visit, and that your treatment is explained so you know what to expect before and after.

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