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North Vancouver, Deep Cove Dentist does Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | May 14th, 2015

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide sedation is recommended for patients who have anxiety and fear when getting dental work done. Nitrous is mixed with oxygen to form a gas (also known as laughing gas). A mask is placed over the patients nose and when they breath in they inhale the nitrous oxide. When the nitrous oxide is inhaled the patient may feel warm, calm, and relaxed. Some patients describe it as if they had a couple drinks. Often times patients feel tired during and after the appointment. The patient is able to drive home after the appointment if no other sedation is given and they live in close proximity, but we do recommend that you arrange for a ride home.  It is important that the patient let the dental team know of any history of surgery, expecially eye surgery which the gas can affect, any medications the patient is on. Patients that are disabled may need a caretaker to accompany them to monitor there reactions during the procedure. Patients with certain lung conditions cannot have nitrous oxide as well as patients with colds or anything that is blcking the nasal passage. It is important that the dental team take vital signs before and after the procedure to prevent any complications before, during and after the procedure.

Before scheduling your appointment please consult with your health care provider and dental team and we can work to help you get the dental care you need! Overall there are many forms of sedation we offer at Seymour Dental and we can discuss which sedation will work best for you!
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