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North Vancouver, Deep Cove, Parkgate Dental Dentist Hygiene Tips

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | May 21st, 2015

Dental Hygiene Tips

Alot of the times patients forget or do not know the basics of taking care of their teeth and gums and rely on just a toothbrush to do the job. There are many important tips that can help keep your oral cavity in the best shape!

1. Brush and Floss at least twice a day and if your schedule allows after meals!
It is important not to let the plaque, sugar, citric acid, bacteria sit on your teeth and gums. Not cleaning your teeth after meals can leave all of these on your gums inbetween your teeth and cause decay. If you do not have access to a tooth brush you can always try carying around some floss! A big percentage of decay we find is in between the teeth!

2. Watch your diet avoid citric acid and phosphoric acid
Tooth erosion is wear of the enamel from acid in your diet. When you have something that is acidic like fruit juices and soft drinks, you are bathing your teeth in acid. This changes the pH of your saliva and can cause tooth demineralization. When the tooth demineralizes it affects the enamel and if left untreated can go into the next layer of the tooth the dentin. A pH of 5-5.7 will cause tooth erosion.
Here is a list of foods/ drinks in your diet that can cause tooth erosion
Energy drinks, icec tea, cola, minteral water (sparkling), red wine, white wine, apple juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, citrus yogourt, vinegar, salad dressing.
Alot of the times you can tell when you have dental erosion when your tooth is sensitive or it yellow exposing the dentin.  

3. Protect your teeth wear a mouth guard!
If your playing contact sports or working out it is important to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Wearing a mouth guard will protect your teeth from any hits or blows you may get to the mouth. Alot of the times when patients are under stress they tend to grind their teeth and wear them down. Overtime this can lead to recession sensitive teeth, cracks, fractures, and chips. Lastly, there are many people that grind their teeth without knowing at night. This can lead to a sore jaw in the morning, and teeth.

4. Stop sipping on sugary drinks, or sugary candies
Sugar causes tooth decay!! The bacteria in your mouth break down sugar and this causes an acid to form that raises your pH in your saliva. People who sip sugary drinks throughout the day or suck on sugary candies are leaving there mouth acidic for long periods of time. This is like bathing your teeth in acid all day. If you want candies or pops you can have them but have them not over a prolonged period of time and afterwards rinse your mouth with water or milk if you cannot brush

Any other tips feel free to come in and ask
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