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North Vancouver, Deep Cove, Blue Ridge, Dentist does Root Canals, Endodontics Dentistry

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | February 11th, 2016

Dr. Lee at Seymour Dental has 30+ years experience in doing root canal treatment. In determining if a root canal is needed Dr.Lee does many tests to make sure it is a root canal that needs to be done before jumping into treatment. If the test Dr. Lee does determines that the tooth has died, and after diagnosing the dental X-Ray Dr. Lee will tell the patient it is in there best interest to get the root canal done. 
In preventing root canals it is important to come in for your annual checkup appointments, even tho teeth can sometimes die on there own alot of the times it can be prevented as well. If decay on a tooth is catched at the early stage and not gone as far as going inside the pulp only a filing may be required. 

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