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North Vancouver, Deep Cove, Seymour Parkway Dentist Children and reacurring

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | August 6th, 2015

North Vancouver Dentist and children and reoccurring cavities

One of the main reasons children come back to see the dentist is for filings that need to be done. If not new cavities they are reoccurring ones! Its important to teach children at an early age the importance and long term benefits of brushing and flossing there teeth regularly. At a young age this is the best time to get them into the habit. Often times when we ask why its important to brush and floss their teeth daily they do not know why. When one doesn't understand the concept behind something why would there even be a reason to do it?  At their appointment Dr.Lee goes over and visually shows them why this needs to be done, by simply removing the plaque that is left on there teeth or food into between their teeth and showing them with a mirror. Alot of times children are surprised when we take plaque off there teeth. Since plaque is white it is invisible on teeth making it harder for children to see and understand. Dr. Lee always stresses that the best dental care is what you do at home "home care". Dr.Lee comes up with strategies that can help children be consistent with their dental health. For example; we had a young girl come in a couple of days ago and she comes in frequently for reoccurring filings especially in between her teeth. Her mom mentioned to Dr. Lee that she had a problem with being consistent with her home care. Dr. Lee suggested that they get a calender and check off every day that both her and her mom brush and floss their teeth. At the end of the month they tally up the results and see who won! The little girl was excited about this game and knew she would beat her mom! This will challenge the little girl and keep her constant in her oral care to the point that eventually it will just become habit.
And that is the point!!! Consistent brushing and flossing is key to preventing gum disease, decay, bone loss and the list goes on...!
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