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North Vancouver Dentist Crown and Bridge

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | July 21st, 2016

Teeth with large filings and not much tooth structure left are more susceptible to breaking or fracturing. A dentist will recommend that you get a crown on a tooth that is weak in stucture. A filing from decay or a tooth that has had a root canal are great candidates for a crown. A crown will act like a helmet on the tooth protecting and giving strength to it.

Many times patients wait to long before getting their crown done and the tooth ends up fracturing and it needs to be extracted. Once the tooth is extracted you are left with a hole where the teeth beside it can start to tip. This is when a bridge is recommended. A bridge is two crowns and a pontic, which is the fake tooth.

Dr. Lee always recommends the best matierals to suit your needs, if it be for strength, or appearance or both! Dr. Lee has some great crown and bridge work on his website. Please also take a look at the testimonials, and see what the patients are saying about him!

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