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North Vancouver Dentist Dental xrays, radiation, Parkgate plaza, Deep Cove

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | September 16th, 2016

Above is a chart of radiation exposure dosages. At Seymour Dental Dr. Lee has invested in a digital xrays machine. The exposure of digital xrays is 70% lower than that of conventional xrays. Many patients come in concerned about being over exposed to radiation. The chart above shows how little exposure a patient gets from getting digital dental xrays taken.
Not only do you get 70% less radiation from digital xrays but the dentist can enhance the image and change the contrast to better diagnose and treat the patient. The dentist is able to go over the xray better visually with the patient by enlarging the image as well compared to the small conventional films that could only be seen with a visual light box. This makes it easier to be able to diagnose cavities or any areas of concern.

Dentists that have digital xrays are able to store all your xrays easier and be able to transfer xrays between offices making it more convenient.

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