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Parkgate Village Dentist Does Root Canals

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | November 19th, 2013

Root Canal gone wrong in Costa Rica!

Mr. G had called Seymour Dental on November 9th 2013 in pain and worried about his lower left first molar. As a new patient we were able to fit Mr. G in on the same day. When Mr. G came in he described his pain as being so severe that he had not slept in days. He explained to us that in January of 2013 he was in Costa Rica and had pain in his lower left molar and had a root canal done while there. He explained that the treatment there was nearly half the cost of what it would be in Canada. Yet Dr. Lee explained that in Canada there is a very high standard of dentistry practiced and followed by the NDEB compared to many foreign countries.  We proceeded to listen and note down Mr.G's symptoms and concerns and took a xray of the tooth. From the xray Dr. Lee was able to see that a bone ostetis (a particular root canal) was done on only one canal of the tooth it seemed. When a root canal is done by a dentist, the dentist will always file and sterilize out all canals of the tooth.

Dr.Lee was able to find all three canals of the tooth and filed and sterilized each of them out. He then did a MTA Root repair in the coronal 1/3 furcal exit to help seal the area that the dentist in Costa Rica made in attempt to find a canal. Dr. Lee also took the extra precausion of placing a glass ionomer over the root repair to help with the healing in making sure it would be more comfortable for Mr. G to recover.

Mr. G was very pleased with the results and Dr. Lee's ability to fix what the previous dentist had incorrectly done and left not completed. Mr. G  has become a regular patient at Seymour Dental, booking his dental hygiene appointment days after.