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North Vancouver Dentist, New Patients, Root Canals, Decay, Saves Teeth

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | June 30th, 2016

Alot of the times we have new patients that come in for a second opinion. Many of these patients have teeth that have been decayed or teeth that have been broken off at the root where another dentist will say the tooth should be extracted. Many times patients feel this is the best choice economically to have the tooth extracted, Patients dont realize that long term this can cause more problems and be less economical. Dr. Lee will always try his best to save as much of the tooth as he can. Dr. Lee has built  up teeth and has placed post an pins to help give the tooth strength. Even though there are replacements of teeth such as implants or bridges they never will function the same as your own tooth!

If you need a second opinion on a procedure you are not familiar with or need more of an explanation please feel free to book a consultation with Dr. Lee and we can see what the most economical treatment plan will be for you.

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