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North Vancouver Dentist, Parkgate Plaza, Deep Cove all about Fluoride

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | September 21st, 2016

When your dental hygienist asks if you would like fluoride at the end of your appointment, why its important to say "YES!"

Fluoride is found in water, soil, and in many foods! In simple terms it is a vitamin for the teeth! Fluoride prevents teeth from decay and in some cases can reverse tooth decay that has just started.
Fluoride mouthrinses and toothpastes are all good ways to get get fluoride, if you have a high caries rate your dentist can also provide you with professional fluoride products such as varnishes or gels. Dr. Lee also makes take home fluoride trays for the patients to use with the fluoride gels.

For more answers to any fluoride questions you may have please visit the Canadian Dental Association website, or give us a call at 604-924-8289 and we can answer any questions you have regarding your teeth and gums!
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