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North Vancouver dentist saves teeth hemisection root canals crown bridge extractions painless dentistry

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | September 27th, 2017

Saving Teeth A Hemisectioned tooth

The image above is of a hemisectioned lower right molar tooth. Hemisection means to cut the tooth in half and save the healthy root of the tooth. This is done usually on a lower molar when a tooth has either fractured or has an infection on one of the roots. The infected root can be taken out and the healthy root of the tooth can be saved and the bone can either heal in by itself or have a bone agumentation done. When the area is healed the left over healthy root can be crowned and added to a bridge to fill in the gap. 

Why wouldnt the dentist take out the full tooth and just leave half of the tooth? 

Keeping half of the tooth will help preserve the bone and let the patient have the option of filing in the gap with a bridge. 

Alot of times patients will just want teeth extracted when they feel there is pain or they hear the word infection they dont realize that options such as hemisections and root canals can be done. 

When removing a tooth expecially a molar, you will be left with a gap, bone loss, eventually the teeth beside the extracted tooth will start to tip, over eruption of the opposing tooth etc. Dental implants are very expensive and not as good as your own teeth! 

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