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North Vancouver Dentist saves teeth Parkgate Deep Cove Emergency dentist

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | November 27th, 2018

Barb, a new patient of ours came in for a check up and cleaning! She was referred to our office by a friend! She pointed out that one of her concerns was the metal showing on her front crown. This has bothered Barb for some time now but she had been told that this could not be fixed without replacing the whole crown. Barb was going to a wedding the next day and even though she asked numerous times elsewhere she thought she would give it one more try. Dr. Lee examined the tooth and made sure no decay was present and worked on repairing and fixing this open margin
of her crown that left that dark area just below the gum line.

The first photo is the starting photo

The second photo is Dr. Lee gently lifting the gum up exposing more of the root of the natural tooth. We wanted to make sure the crown was completely sealed off from future decay.

In the end we got a great result, we sealed the margin of the crown and did a great job matching the shade to the original crown!

Since working around the gums the gums are a little red and will be back to original color and grow back down over the new filling in time to its original position.

Barb was happy with what we could do for her! We explained that eventually the tooth will need a new crown but this will last her till she is ready to proceed with that treatment!

It was great meeting you Barb! You were a pleasure to work on and we hope we see you again! Thank you for putting your trust in us at Seymour Dental.