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North Vancouver Dentist Stands Behind His Work

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | November 19th, 2013

Dr. Lee Stands Behind His Work!

Mrs. R.L, a long term patient of Seymour Dental came in for her regular dental hygiene appointment. While Dr. Lee was doing his thorough exam he noticed that there was deep pocketing around Mrs. R.L's lower left premolar. In further examining the tooth Dr. Lee found that the root on this tooth had been fractured. This tooth was part of a bridge Dr. Lee had done in June of 2011.
Upon Mrs. R.L's next appointment, Dr. Lee performed a bridge section. This is where Dr. Lee sectioned the crown and tooth from the bridge. Once the section of the tooth had been removed Dr. Lee removed a granuloma (scar tissue) from underneith the tooth and took extra measures in sending it to a lab for a biopsy.
Since Dr. Lee stands behind his work and did this bridge in 2011 for Mrs. R.L he gave her a credit to use towards her new bridge.
Mrs. R.L was delighted with this offer and with all the exceptional service and care Dr. Lee has provided for her for many years she decided to go ahead with the new bridge and was very pleased with the results.

Dr. Lee is known for doing very concervative crown and bridge preparations and is very meticulous on getting a perfect end result!

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