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North Vancouver, parkgate, deep cove, Dentist goes over gum care

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | July 27th, 2016

Gum Care

Periodontal Disease
The earlier you treat periodontal disease, the easier it is to control, and the better chance you have of restoring the health of your mouth and saving your teeth.
In a healthy mouth, teeth fit snugly in their sockets, their roots surrounded by a strong foundation of gums and other supportive tissue.

Stageas of the disease


If not removed regularly from teeth and gums, bacteria grow out of control and produce toxins that irritate your gums. Calculus along the gum line forms a rough surface on which plaque accumulates, causes more irritation and swelling. You may notice sore, bleeding gums or bad breath. Spacs between gum and tooth (pockets) may exist, but no bone is damaged in this mild, reversible form of periodontal disease.


The most common cause of periodontitis plaque (amd sometimes calculus) is found bellow the gum line. The ligaments break down and the gum detaches and pulls away from the teeth. The pockets deepen and fill with more bacteria. Supportive ligaments and bone start to show damage, resulting in loose teeth.