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North Vancouver, Seymour Dental, Parkgate Plaza Dentist fixes broken teeth, root tip, buildup

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | June 8th, 2016

Dr. Lee is a dentist of saving teeth not extracting them! Today we had a patient that came in with a tooth that had been decayed and broken off right at the gum line. Where most dentist would just go and extract the root tips, Dr. Lee knew with the amount of teeth the patient had left in her mouth, having another tooth extracted would leave her with fewer teeth to enjoy her food with. He took the extra time to place 4 pins in the tooth for structure and to build up the tooth to be nice and strong again. Instead of what would have been another hole or empty space... the patient is left with a bran new tooth. Many people will think why not just extract a tooth that has been decayed to the gumline? In rebuilding this tooth Dr.Lee has saved the patient economically in the long run. Empty spaces leave room for teeth to drift and rotate, causing the teeth to go out of align. It may be harder to eat certain foods and may affect the persons self esteem in a social setting.

Overall, Dr. Lees main goal is to think about what will be best for all of his patients in the long run.

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