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North Vancouver, Seymour Parkway, Deep Cove Dentist does Smile Makeovers

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | January 14th, 2015

Smile Makeovers

Dr. Lee has done smile makeovers for celebrities such as Donnelly Rhodes, and has over 35 years experience doing smile makeovers. Dr Lee's last smile makeover case was a patient who came in that was very unhappy with her smile. She was a grinder so she had many chips on her incisal edges and her teeth were quite worn down. She explained to Dr. Lee that she was just unhappy with the overall shape look and shade of her teeth and wanted something more youthful looking. Dr. Lee suggest to the patient that she start off by getting empress crowns in her anterior upper teeth to start. Dr. Lee works has worked with the same lab for many years and choose to do the empress crowns because they are made of a leucite ceramic material that scatters light the same as natural tooth enamel. The empress crowns will give the appearance of teeth that will look great and natural without that fake denture look. The patient decided to go ahead with the empress crowns and got 6 in total from canine to canine.
Dr. Lee carefully prepped all 6 teeth, took many different impressions to make sure the bite and the teeth would fit perfect. Dr. Lee is a perfectionist at what he does so he makes sure to take ever step necessary to give the lab any extra information on the patients bite. Once this was all complete the patient was made temporary crowns. She was already very excited about the temporary crowns and how great they looked and could not wait for the real ones to finally arrive.
We are waiting now on the lab for the empress crowns to come in.
please check back for before and after pictures!!!

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