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Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | January 14th, 2015

Root Canals

Have you ever ben told by your dentist that you need a Root Canal? Alot of the times teeth can die without symptoms. In the case of a long time patient of Dr. Lee's since he was a little boy patient (K) had come in for a cleaning, he mentioned to our hygienist that he was having trouble biting down on his teeth without his molor aching. Dr. Lee came in to do his regular checkup and found that not only was patient (K)'s bite off but he also had deep decay in his molar that was causing him discomfort. We made time for patient (K) right after his hygiene appointment. Dr. Lee removed the decay and placed a temporary filing called an IRM to see if the symtoms would dissipate. We rescheduled patient (K) to see him back in a few days and apon returning he said he was still having discomfort. Dr. Lee found that the decay had gone to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth and that Root Canal needed to be started right away. During the appointment Dr. Lee found all the canals, took out the infection and steralized the canals and closed the tooth with a temporary filing. At patient (K)'s final appointment he had mentioned to us that he was now able to eat his food without having any pain. Dr. Lee resteralized the canals a final time before filing the canals with a filing material, once that was done he then placed the permanent filing over top. Patient (K) and his mom were both very impressed with the quality of work Dr. Lee had done and how efficicent and painless the process was. Dr. Lee also did an occlusal adjustment on patient (K)'s teeth. This helped to improve the quality of patient (K)'s bite so he would be biting down evenly on all of his teeth instead of only just one area.
Overall, patient (K) was very happy with the outcome of all of Dr.Lee's work and will be heading back home pain free!

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