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Orthodontics, Brackets, Cosmetic Dentisty

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | October 17th, 2015

North Vancouver Dentist Does Orthodontics

Dr. Lee has been doing orthodontics for over 30 years now. Dr. Lee has patients of all age groups that come in for orthodontic treatment. Dr.Lee has experience with different types of orthodontic systems as well as conventional braces and Invisilign . Orthodontics not only helps to align the teeth but to make sure your bite is in proper occlusion. Sometimes when teeth are rotated, or crooked it can cause TMJ pain which is jaw pain. There are cosmetic benifits as well a intra oral benifits to braces. Malocclusion which is when the teeth are not properly aligned can not only cause jaw pain, and headaches  but can make it harder for you to clean your teeth and be more susceptible to decay and gum and bone disease longterm . Your facial profile can also change with orthodontics. Some people have a one jaw more protruded than the other and this can be corrected even as an adult. Dr. Lee takes alot of care into listening to your concerns as well as letting you know what to prioritize for treatment.

If you or someone you know is interested in orthodontics please feel free to come in for a consultation so Dr. Lee will be able to give you a personalized treament plan based on your oral condition. No matter what age orthodontics is never to late to start!
Please take a look at our before and after photos of orthodontic cases we have done!

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