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North Vancouver Dentist does pain free local anesthetic

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | May 5th, 2015

North Vancouver Dentist Does painless local anesthetic

One of the main fears patients tell us they have is the fear of getting "the needle" local anesthetic. Its not uncommon for patients to have anxiety leading up to their dental appointment. Local anesthetic is almost always necessary when removing decay, doing filings, extractions and many other dental treatments. Dr. Lee has developed a technique that gets makes the patient feel confortable and least discomfort to none at all. Before the freezing is given we place a topical anesthetic which numbs the area where the injection will be. Instead of just placing all the freezing in at once, Dr. Lee takes the time to do a slow graduated freezing technique. For the upper injections he does the injections in two stages the first injection he just places under the gum about 1mm. When the area starts to feel numb for the patient he can then place the rest of the freezing. When this techniue is done the patient no longer feels the rest of the freezing. Dr. Lee also uses a distraction technique where he shakes the cheek while adding in the freezing. Alot of the times patients dont even know they have gotten the freezing and are suprised to find out Dr. Lee has already given them the injection. As for the freezing on the bottom, instead of using a longer needle Dr. Lee preferes to use a shorter one. Sometimes with the longer needles after the injection the injection site can be sore for a couple days and even bruised. Dr. Lee wants to avoid any discomfort as possible.

At every appointment at Seymour Dental our goal is to make every patients experience pain and anxiety free. We are very accomidating in patients needs and will try our best to make you feel comfortable.

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