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Painless, Painfree, Sedative, TLC Dentistry in North Vancouver, Deep Cove, Vancouver

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | March 10th, 2016

Alot of the times patients have anxiety of coming to see the dentist. This anxiety and fear can build up for days before the appointment. Patients have said that the fear of the injection from the freezing to the sounds of the drill or the instruments scratching against the teeth make for an unpleasant appointment. At Seymour Dental Dr. Lee and his staff take the time to make sure each patient has their needs taken care of them in terms of comfort. This goes from giving sedation prior to the appointment, headphones to mask the sound of the drill, a comfort blanket, or small breaks during the treatment if its to overwhelming. Dr. Lee has many different forms of sedation and during your consultation with him prior to your treatment he can determine which sedation will be most appropriate for you.
We specialize in giving TLC and making every appointment as comfortable as possible.

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