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Periodontal disease and gum pockets

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | June 25th, 2015

Periodontal Disease and Gum pockets

At your dental checkup appointment the dentist or hygienist checks the quality of your teeth and gums.  Once a year measurements are done of the supporting gums and bone. Periocharting is when the hygienist or dentist takes a instrument called a probe and  measures the health of the gums around the surrounding tissues of each tooth. Measurements of 1-3 are healthy anything above 4 needs to be monitored or is linked to periodontal disease.

When the gum and bone levels are measured above a three, deeper pockets trap food and bacteria causing gum conditions. When this happens surgery is usually needed to reduce the bone level. When supporting bone and gum are so low this can cause the tooth to be mobile.

For bone regeneration surgery Dr. Lee uses a protein hormone called Emdogain. This helps to regenerate the supporting tissues of the troubled tooth. Periodontal defects can be fixed by placing the Emdogain bone, this bone is shown to help regenate cementum, supporting ligaments, and the surrounding bone around the tooth.

Dr. Lee has a patient that had a 6.5mm periodontal pocket. Instead of doing surgery Dr. Lee injected the protein hormone Emdogain inside the pocket over a three month period once a week. After three months of doing this injection Dr. Lee measured the perio pocket and found that instead of the 6.5mm pocket the patient had it went down to a 3mm pocket which is considered a healthy reading.

The patient was extremely happy since she did not want to go through surgery and felt this method worked without any pain or time off work.

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