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PRF (Platelet Rich FIbrin) North Vancouver Dentist, Seymour Pkwy, Deep Cove Dentist

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | February 4th, 2015

Platelet Rich Fibrin

PRF also known as "platelet rich fibrin" is used for hard and soft tissue regeneration and is used in hospitals but is now available to use in the dental office. PRF improves and excelorates healing time using the patients own blood! PRF is is composed of fibrin, glycoproteins, platelets, and lecocytes from your blood that will help accelerate healing, lower your chance for infection, and help with anyone who has impaired healing (diabetics, smokers, or an illness). PRF can be used to accelerate healing in extractions of teeth, placement of implants, gum graphs, and  bone preservation and repair.
At the beginning of the procedure Dr. Lee will take a small amount of the patients blood. This blood is then placed in the centrifuge. This machine separtes the plasma and the fibrin from the blood. When this happens the fibrin, white blood cells and platelets are gathered and form the PRF. The PRF is then placed in a box where it can be manipulated or drained of excess fluids. Once this is done the dentist can then place the PRF where it is needed.
Patients who get the PRF added to their dental surgery have found that healing has been acceclerated and any discomfort afterwards has been reduced.
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