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Seymour Dental Hygiene Dental Cleaning and checkup Parkgate Plaza

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | April 29th, 2016

Are you overdue for your yearly dental cleaning and exam? Alot of times patients dont realize how long it has been since it was the last time they have seen a dentist. Sometimes this may go on for months or even years... We find that many patients come in when they are experiecing pain or discomfort. Alot of times when this happens the treatment is more complicated and expensive than what it could have been. A simple filling that could have been found at your check up exam can easily turn into a root canal if the decay is left for to long.

If you are overdue for your checkup and cleaning we have a great team of hygenist that can help!

please come visit us at seymour dental in the parkgate plaza on the SE corner.

or give us a call at 604-924-8289

Hope to hear from you and see you soon