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Seymour Dental Patient Care Update

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | February 20th, 2012

A current patient with an extremely infected tooth arrived on short notice to see Dr. Lee. His pain was moderate, but Dr. Lee was concerned that extensive infection may affect the patient's heart. The medical profession has shown abscess and other oral infections and bacteria to be a direct link to poor heart health and detrimental heart conditions.  The patient was diagnosed with a badly broken down tooth due to decay and needed a root canal or alternatively an extraction.  Dr. Lee uses his skills garnered from professional courses, 30 years of experience combined with study groups to help the patient make the best decision possible for their oral health. In our office, we prefer to provide the finest quality of dentistry, in a caring  personalized manner, to help our family and friends to maintain their oral health to the best of their ability for their lifetime!