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Specialized Micro Dentistry, Decay, Filings, Root Canals, Cavities North Vancouver

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | March 10th, 2016

Dr.Lee does everything he can to save as much tooth structure as possible. Large filings make for a weak tooth that can possibly fracture or break in half. Dr. Lee uses specialized micro burs to preserve as much of the tooth while taking away all of the decay. The tooth has 5 surfaces to it, alot of the times two or more surfaces need to be taken out to get to the area of decay. Dr. Lee has found that when he goes in with these tiny micro burs hes able to make a little tunnel which he refers to as the tunnel technique where he can remove the decay without knocking out the walls of the teeth making the tooth weak.
Dr. Lee is always looking in the best instrest of the patient in terms of economics and what will last long term.

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