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Tooth Decay and decay under bridge North Vancouver Dentist, Deep Cove, Parkgate Plaza

Blog by Dr. Gilbert Lee | October 7th, 2015

Decay under bridge

Patient A.S came into our office as a new patient with his bridge in his hand instead of in his mouth! A.S bridge had come out on his right side and the last tooth at the back that as holding the bridge had broken off and decayed. We took an xray of the area and found that the last tooth needed a root canal and had decay under the gum line. Dr.Lee started a root canal right away. He sterilized out the canals and got out the infection. Once the root canal was complete he removed all the decay and placed 3 fiberlux posts. The post will help keep the structure of the tooth strong. Since there was minimal amount of tooth structure left it was important to have these post placed. Since the tooth had been broken off at the gum line Dr.Lee had to do a crown lengthening procedure. This is where he makes the neck of the tooth longer. This will give A.S more of an anchor for when he wants to do another bridge. Dr. Lee transformed this small little infected peg molar back to its original shape. A.S was happy he had a tooth there again and is looking forward to continuing his treatment with Dr.Lee and doing the next step of preparing for a new bridge.
Dr. Lee doesn't just look and focus on one area he also helped remove decay from other areas that were bothering the patient.
A.S is happy with the treatment Dr.Lee has done and has become a regular patient at Seymour Dental.  He was in last week to get his teeth cleaned and we are working with him to get his teeth back into a healthy state.
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