Crown Types

There are several types of esthetic crowns. The type of crown you and your dentist choose will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the tooth or teeth being crowned, the type and severity of the discolouration, and the overall health of the surrounding gums.

A ceramo-metal crownCeramo-metal Crowns

Crowns - Ceramo-metal crown Advantages include:

Strongest type of esthetic crown, doesn't fracture or chip as easily as alternative esthetic type crown, and is usually the most economics.

Disadvantages include:

Metal may be visible if tissue shrinks or is thin, metal may affect the colour of the porcelain, and there is a possible bluish tint of gum if gum tissue is thin and metal shows through

Full gold crownFull Gold Crowns

Crowns - Full Gold Crown

Advantages include:

Kind to tissues and gums, strong, nothing chips or breaks off like with porcelain and composite crowns.

Disadvantages include:

Not as esthetic as other crowns.

Porcelain or compositePorcelain or Composite See before and After photos.

Crowns - Porcelaine or composite

Advantages include:

Most esthetic throughout crown life, and no metal shows.

Disadvantages include:

Not as strong as ceramometal crown, margin may be more susceptible to chipping, and more costly to make.

*Porcelain and composite crowns are esthetically similar except that they are made of different materials (composite crowns won't chip as easily as porcelain crowns and wear more evenly with your natural teeth).

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