What Our Patients Are Saying!

"Im a retired medical doctor. I suspect I was also a dentist's worst nightmare. My sugar addiction started early: Popsicles, Fudgesicles, Coca Cola, Mackintosh toffee, Molly-O and other chocolate bars. I had a mouthful of dental amalgam fillings by the time I was a teenager. Therafter, I didn't see a dentistfor fifty-two years, yes 52 years. I presented Dr. Bert Lee with an embarrassed medical professional who had a mouthful of broken back teeth. Dr. Lee had been the consummate, highly skilled, empathetic, dental professional. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Lee and his staff at the Seymour Dental Centre."


-Dr. Frank, January 2017

Being in my 60's most of my fillings were of the old fashion amalgam (or mercury containing) type. For most of my adult life, I have always suffered with headaches- not migraines, but pretty bad stay-in-bed type of headaches. I have suspected that the mercury in my filings may have been the cause, but was assured by my (then Australian) dentist that they were safe. To eliminate a tumour possiblity, I even had a couple of CT scans over the yearsm but all came back negative, so i learned to live with them. After i had moved to Canada from Australia, my husband took me to see Dr. Lee for an evaluation. Within a month i had all of my mercury fillings replaced, had to suffer a couple of crowns, but to my total amazement i had not had that "headache" again!!

Thank you Dr. Lee for your expertise and wonderful work resulting in clear head and a peace of mind.

-Gratefully, D.F, March 2016

Dr. Lee has helped me with my dental needs for several years. His care, planning and attention have always been exceptional.  Dr. Lee takes the time to discuss treatment procedures in detail and makes you feel at ease even with complex procedures.  I highly recommend Dr. Lee and his terrific staff team for anyone looking for an outstanding dental office.

-Cathy Jenkins, January 2016

On October 29th, 2013 we received a thank you letter from one of our patient's moms thanking Seymour Dental for her daughter's great experiences with her dental visits!

"Many thanks to everyone who made my daughters visits to your office so succesful. SHe is very happy to have her smile back and told me that the care she received was great!"
Thanks Again,

Dr Lee has kept me smiling for 15 years, not because he's a good comedian, just a great Dentist!

- Donnelly Rhodes, Canadian actor and star of Danger Bay and Da Vinci's Inquest

For the past five years, I have been very happy with the work of Dr. B. Lee. He has resolved a life long lasting problem, chewing, teeth adjustment etc. I am so grateful for the genuine effort put forth by him in solving this problem. It was a resounding success! Thank You Dr. Lee.

- Vac Koven

With my special medical circumstances, in terms of immune suppressant medications, I was really anxious about having 5 crowns replaced. The crowns were old, and I had to find a dentist to replace them all and also ensure the work was done within 3 weeks (I could only take stay off my medicine and take antibiotics for a three week period).You and your staff not only made quick appointments available to me, but the work was also efficiently and expertly done, with courteous staff, in an immaculately clean and comfortable office, and for a reasonable price. I was pleased at the follow-up and an extra bonus is that I think the bite on one of the crowns had previously "been off" and after your work, I noticed my jaw wasn't sore at the end of each day.

Thank you for your excellent work.

- Diane Turner

Dr. Lee performed reconstructive dental work for me, and the results were outstanding. My bite was adjusted after years of misalignment, and teeth strengthened and their appearance improved dramatically. Dr. Lee is highly skilled, considerate, and dedicated to providing the best results he can for his patients. I recommend him without reservation.

-Ray Williams, Consultant and Executive Coach

Dear Dr. Lee and Staff,

I had been worried about my teeth for a while - but I was spooked as I had a few bad experiences with dentists recently. I was becoming self-conscious of my smile, and people were starting to notice that I didn't seem as happy.

When I was young I loved going to have my teeth checked and cleaned, I had a caring dentist, much, like yourself. But more recently my new dentists had not been so great, I had a freakish wisdom tooth extraction (for which I was awake) and my last dentist said that it had damaged my jawbone, I also had a root canal which was not too pleasant.

You had a tough job of finishing up someone else's work, and you did so, (to my amazement) without causing me an anxiety attack. I liked the way you explained everything you were doing and not only did you repair my smile in a matter of 5 visits, but my bite feels corrected, I am no longer biting on my cheek nor worrying about my teeth.

I can't thank you and your staff enough for all your hard work - and for making me happy to show off my smile.

- Michelle Davidson, Graphic Designer

I had the pleasure of being part of the professional team at Seymour Dental before moving my career into the area of business consulting for dental professionals. I visit hundreds of dental practices per year and observe the clinical dentistry being produced and I hold Dr. Lee's clinical expertise's at a high regard. Dr. Lee performs a wide range of comprehensive clinical services which allows the patients of the practice to receive the dental treatment they require with a preventive approach. Dr. Lee looks at the big picture and educates the patients of their choices.

I will continue to be a referral source for Seymour Dental because I feel my friends and family members deserve optimal dental treatment and patient care.

- Kim Hindle

Dear Bert,

As you may recall I started going to a dentist in Richmond as it was not convenient to drive to your office for simple cleanings and inspections. When I first visited the new dentist about 4 or 5 years ago he asked me who did my gold inlays and bridge work as he stated that it was the finest work he had encountered. My teeth have been very stable with no issues since you completed the gold inlays. If in future my teeth would require any restoration work you can be assured I will be making the trek to your office to get the repair work done.

- Jeremy

Brennan Elliot

Brennan Elliot - Actor on Desperate Houswives
Conan Graham
Conan Graham
Donnelly Rhodes
Donnelly Rhodes - Star of Danger Bay+ DaVinci's Inquest
Michael Eklund
Michael Eklund - Star on DaVinci's Inquest
Sebastian Gacki
Sebastian Gacki
The Hockey Team
Capilano  Summer Series "Mad Dogs+Englishmen" 1984 Champions - coached+sponsored by Dr Bert Lee