Regular dental appointments are critical because Dr. Lee can see many things you can’t, including:

• Cavities under existing fillings

• New decay under your gum line

• Deterioration of fillings, crowns and other restorations

• Hairline tooth fractures and cuspal wear from grinding

• Periodontal pockets caused by gum disease

• Impacted wisdom teeth

• Early signs of oral cancer

At every appointment, we will screen your entire mouth, looking for anomalies and assessing your oral health for anything unusual. Even a bite that does not line up will, over time, cause long-term damage.

We will also treat any small problems we find that can be fixed right away, and clean your teeth of plaque buildup.

Finally, we can advise you and answer your questions based on the results of your checkup.

How often is enough?

As a general rule, regular dental checkups every six months are the best way to make sure your gums and teeth stay healthy, to diagnose problems and take preventative action. Plaque buildup is inevitable for most people, so make sure you don’t let it cause gum disease and tooth loss. Talk to Dr. Lee or our hygiene team to arrange a checkup schedule that is right for you.