Testimonials & Reviews

“Dr. Lee has helped me with my dental needs for several years. His care, planning and attention have always been exceptional. Dr. Lee takes the time to discuss treatment procedures in detail and makes you feel at ease even with complex procedures.”

Cathy Jenkin
January 2016

“Im a retired medical doctor. I suspect I was also a dentist’s worst nightmare. My sugar addiction started early: Popsicles, Fudgesicles, Coca Cola, Mackintosh toffee, Molly-O and other chocolate bars. I had a mouthful of dental amalgam fillings by the time I was a teenager. Therafter, I didn’t see a dentistfor fifty-two years, yes 52 years. I presented Dr. Bert Lee with an embarrassed medical professional who had a mouthful of broken back teeth. Dr. Lee had been the consummate, highly skilled, empathetic, dental professional. I unreservedly recommend Dr. Lee and his staff at the Seymour Dental Centre.”

Dr. Frank
January 2017

“Dr Lee has kept me smiling for 15 years, not because he’s a good comedian, just a great Dentist!”

Donnelly Rhodes
Canadian actor and star of Danger Bay and Da Vinci's Inquest

“Dr. Lee performed reconstructive dental work for me, and the results were outstanding. My bite was adjusted after years of misalignment, and teeth strengthened and their appearance improved dramatically. Dr. Lee is highly skilled, considerate, and dedicated to providing the best results he can for his patients. I recommend him without reservation.”

Ray Williams
Consultant and Executive Coach
September 2017

“Being in my 60’s most of my fillings were of the old fashion amalgam (or mercury containing) type. For most of my adult life, I have always suffered with headaches- not migraines, but pretty bad stay-in-bed type of headaches. I have suspected that the mercury in my filings may have been the cause, but was assured by my (then Australian) dentist that they were safe. To eliminate a tumour possiblity, I even had a couple of CT scans over the yearsm but all came back negative, so i learned to live with them. After i had moved to Canada from Australia, my husband took me to see Dr. Lee for an evaluation. Within a month i had all of my mercury fillings replaced, had to suffer a couple of crowns, but to my total amazement i had not had that “headache” again!!

Thank you Dr. Lee for your expertise and wonderful work resulting in clear head and a peace of mind.”

Gratefully, D.F
March 2016

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lee for a few years, and have always found his treatments to be painless and perfectly executed, and his knowledge and range of services far more comprehensive than most other dentists I’ve used (that means he can perform treatments that are usually done by specialists charging specialist fees). I recently experienced a toothache while Dr. Lee was on vacation, so I consulted a couple of other dentists for treatment. Both recommended a full extraction with a followup implant, which would have cost big bucks. Fortunately, I waited for Dr. Lee to return. He was able to save the tooth by doing a partial amputation rather than an extraction, a procedure that was much less expensive and disruptive. Dr. Lee and his staff are both professional and friendly, treating me more like a friend and family member than simply a patient. If you’re looking for a dentist in North Van, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Lee.

Jerry S.
Yelp review
August 2016

Dr.Lee and his team are remarkable. Dr.Lee truly cares and is passionate about his work. I will say that he will tell you facts that are very important to ones health whether we want to hear it or not,he has nothing but good intentions.My last visit he sat down and updated my chart,in detail. He carefully explained the importance of this to me.I personally am grateful to be under his care and his wonderful team.❤️Thank you for taking the time to educate me about the importance of good dental care.

Connie Medeiros
Google review
January 2018

My fist visit at Seymour Dental was very warm and welcoming. Dr. Lee and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable, informed and updated on my current oral health situation. They addressed my concerns with reassurance and gave me valuable advice to walk away with. My oral health is now back on track! I know I’m in great hands at Seymour as they clearly have the experience I desire when it comes to professional dentistry! Thank you for something more than just a check up!

J Ridge
Google review
November 2017

Excellent service with a very caring staff. Hygienist Breanne Skippon was very gentle and very professional. Front desk Barb and Nitta are amazing, always a warm welcome.

Ronald Singh
Google review
November 2017

I have been seeing Dr Lee for over ten years and have found him very professional and helpful and when a tool broke equipment failure! He stepped up and sent me to a specialist to have it removed all at his expense thank you very much

David Marlatt
Google review
October 2017

Great experience at Seymour Dental. I’m very pleased with the care I’ve received. I definitely recommend Dr. Lee and his team. Everyone there is very dedicated to their work and all look very happy to be part of the team.

I needed last minute dental care a week and a half before moving out of the country. I found Dr. Lee’s office online and booked an appointment. I ended up needing several visits in a short period of time. Dr Lee and his team never missed a beat and cared for me until I was ok. I really felt in good hands. They all took it upon themselves to ensure I’d be in tip top shape before I left. Thank you Seymour Dental!

Karine Godin
Google review
May 2017

Wouldn’t have anyone other than Dr Lee and Breanne Skippon look after my teeth!

Ross Bligh
Google review
November 2017

My dentist of 30 years or so retired a few years ago and being in my 70’s, I had dentures held in place by a couple of capped natural teeth. The lower denture takes a lot of torque and the two teeth keeping it in place snapped below the gum line a couple of years ago. I was referred to Dr.Lee and after his examination said that my natural roots could probably accept a metal post and boss that a new denture could be clipped to, rather than just sit on my gums. I went through the procedure and after an initial period of adjustments for fit and comfort, have enjoyed a secure lower denture. With daily maintenance my gums are healthy and have adjusted to my metal teeth.
Hopefully, I can expect the arrangement to last many years and Dr. lee provided me with an excellent dental option to implants.
I can certainly recommend Dr. Lee and his friendly professional staff

Jenny Hammond
Google review
September 2017

I had the most amazing dental experience here! The entire team is super friendly, and I got all my dental needs met while feeling comfortable that my teeth were in good hands. Highly recommend!

Amy Kim
Google review
September 2017

I have had many dentists in the past, not only in Canada, but also in the UK.
Dr. Bert Lee is the on another level!
If you need a good dentist I can highly recommend him and all the staff in the clinic.

Google review
October 2017