Periodontics means the ligament and supporting structure around the teeth. The hygienist will go over and measure your gums to makes sure the gums are nice and firm up against the tooth. The gums can become inflamed and bleed if you neglect your home care. When home care is neglected the gums become loose and a pocket can be formed. This is the start of periodontal disease. When the supporting gums become loose bone lose occurs teeth become mobile and this is the start of a very big problem. Periodontal disease is very serious and can result in tooth lose, bone lose and economical lose.

The earlier you treat periodontal disease, the easier it is to control, and the better chance you have of restoring the health of your mouth and saving your teeth.

In a healthy mouth, teeth fit snugly in their sockets, their roots surrounded by a strong foundation of gums and other supportive tissue.

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